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A little more than 70,000 people over the age of 65 live in Wyoming, the second least of any state in the nation. But that number has jumped by nearly 25% since 2000, so it is imperative that the state take care of this booming population. The Wyoming Department of Health?s Aging Division is doing just that ? ?committed to providing care, ensuring safety and promoting independent choices for Wyoming's older adults.?

It does so by providing a plethora of services and programs for its senior citizens. Those services include:
-- Adult Day Care: Personal daily care in a congregate setting.
-- Adult Protective Services: Addressing reports of abuse, neglect, abandonment, or sexual abuse of seniors.
-- Centenarian Program: Formally recognizing people who have reached the magical milestone of 100 years of age.
-- Chore Services: Helping seniors who still live in their own homes with such jobs as yard work and heavy housework.
-- Disease Prevention & Health Promotion: Education on healthy behaviors.
-- Homemaker Services: Assistance with cooking, cleaning, shopping for personal items and such.
-- Mental Wellness: Programs include information on Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, memory and other brain-related issues.
-- National Family Caregiver Support Program: Support for family members taking care of a senior and for seniors who are raising their own grandchildren.
-- Nutrition Services: Making sure that seniors are eating healthy by providing group meals, meals delivered to the home and food stamps to eligible people.
-- Personal Care: Assistance with such daily necessities as eating, bathing and dressing.
-- Senior Employment: Reintroducing seniors to the workforce.

Part of Wyoming’s Home Services program includes providing a medical alert system to eligible seniors. But even if you do not qualify, buying such a system would definitely be worth spending your own money.

It has been proven that having a medical alert system can keep you in your own home for many more years, delaying the possibly inevitable move to a nursing or assisted living home. That is because you already have the watchful eye on you that you also get at one of those facilities. Living in one of those is many senior’s worst nightmare, so you can see how priceless a medical system can be.

All medical alert companies operate nationally, including Wyoming. To compare the services from more than a dozen top companies, click on this link

Unlike most states, Wyoming does not have Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) offices that serve specific regions of the state. Instead, you should call the Department of Health’s Aging Division directly to see what services and programs are available in your area. The number is 307-777-7986.

Wyoming’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, however, is split up into regions. These people advocate and look after people who are in long-term care facilities. If you are having a problem and need to contact someone, find your county and call that area’s ombudsman.

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