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About 300,000 seniors live in West Virginia, representing 16.2% of the population. That is the third highest percentage of any state in the nation. And with 27,000 Baby Boomers in West Virginia turning 60 every year, that number will only rise over the next several years.

With such a large portion of the state’s residents reaching retirement age, the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services is kept busy providing for seniors. It does so by offering programs and services to make sure the longer lives of seniors remain healthy and happy.

Those services include:
-- Assisted Transportation: Help getting seniors around who can no longer drive or take public transportation.
-- Chore Services: Heavy house cleaning and yard work for seniors who can no longer perform those tasks.
-- Consumer Protection: Protecting and educating seniors from frauds and scams.
-- Disease Prevention and Management: Program to educate seniors about preventing diseases and managing chronic existing ailments.
-- Family Alzheimer’s In-Home Respite (FAIR): Giving a break to the caretakers of seniors with Alzheimer’s.
-- Health Care Promotion: A program that encourages proper nutrition and exercise for seniors so they can remain healthy.
-- Home Delivered Meals: Prepared food delivered directly to the homes of seniors.
-- Homemaker Services: Including meal preparation, shopping and laundry.
-- Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program: Looking out for the rights of residents of long-term care facilities.
-- Medicaid Personal Care: In-home personal services for frail, low-income seniors including personal hygiene, dressing, feeding and light housekeeping.
-- Housekeeping Services: Helping seniors with such household activities as shopping, meal preparation, light housekeeping and laundry.
-- State Health Insurance Assistance Program: Better known as SHIP, unbiased information and counseling on Medicare and other health insurance issues.
-- West Virginia Senior Legal Aid: Free civil legal services and counseling for seniors.
-- West Virginia Transition Initiative: Assistance in transitioning seniors from long-term care facilities to their own homes.

Every senior should consider getting a medical alert system. And the systems being offered today are far superior to those that were around even a few years ago.

Back then, a system was connected to a traditional telephone line and was thus was anchored to your home. Now, there are systems that are mobile, that you can take with you wherever you go.

These devices, about the size of a deck of cards, are packed with GPS and cellular technology. So if trouble arises, you can press your alert button and talk to the monitor through the device itself using the cellular technology. With the GPS, the monitor will be able to pinpoint your location and send help right to you.

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