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MediPendant is strong provider of alarm systems and employs a company management team with 30 plus years in the response & alert systems industry. They also have patents on their medical alert technologoy and innovate to provide helpful solutions for seniors.

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About MediPendant

While researching medical alert systems, you might find that every company is virtually the same, save for some minor differences. No one is really doing anything revolutionary. But then along comes MediPendant that offers something no one else does – the opportunity to communicate with a monitor directly through an alert pendant.

Every other medical alert system works the same way – you must talk with the monitor through the base station, whether you are right next to the unit or if you are in another room and cannot get to there.

Now, these stations have very loud speakers and have very sensitive microphones so you should be able to talk to and hear the monitor. But you may have to shout, and if you are hard of hearing, it might be difficult for you to hear. During a medical emergency, that is one thing you do not want to have to worry about.

Also, you might be in a place in your house where you are too far away from the base unit. That could be fatal in certain circumstances.

But all those concerns go away with MediPendant. In case of a medical or other type of emergency, you can talk to the monitor right through the pendant you are wearing on your wrist or around your neck. You can have a nice, comfortable conversation without yelling or straining to hear. Here are some more pros and cons of choosing a MediPendant medical alert system:

Final Review About MediPendant

MediPendant offers the security of a proven company along with the cutting edge technology of today – a rare combination. A medical alert system from MediPendant will likely meet or exceed your demands and keep you independent for the rest of your life.

The Pros ( + )

  • As detailed above, being able to talk and hear though the pendant gives you added peace of mind that you will be able to communicate with the monitor.
  • The pendants operate within 600 feet of the base unit. That is very good – many only operate within 300 feet.
  • Your pendant will notify you if you are out of range of the base unit. Not every company offers this.
  • If you do not like wearing “jewelry,” the pendant can also be worn on a clip that you place on your belt.
  • The monitor will be able to conference in one of your emergency contacts during your call, which would likely make you calmer.
  • All monitors are EMT-certified. Every company trains its monitors, but not all companies require the extra EMT certification. This will offer you the security that your operator knows what to do to help you.
  • If you are Spanish-speaking, MediPendant has operators that speak your language, in addition to English, of course.
  • The system will work with an Internet-based telephone such as Vonage or one you get from your cable company. Many medical alert systems require a traditional landline for them to work.
  • There is no set up or activation fee, which some companies charge
  • You don’t have to sign a contract with MediPendant and you can cancel at any time without penalty.
  • Monthly monitoring rates are in line with the rest of the industry. Check the latest MediPendant alarm system offers here.

The Cons ( - )

  • Like most medical alarm companies, MediPendant does not offer fall monitoring and fall detection, saying the technology is still unreliable.
  • While you can use a traditional landline or Internet-based telephone, there is no option to hook the system up to a cell phone. Most companies do not offer this, but considering how many people are ditching their home telephones, this is something they all will have to offer in the future.
  • While MediPendant recommends that you test the system once a week to make sure it is working, there is no alert to remind you to do so, which some companies have.
  • There is no option to connect the medical alert system to a larger home security system that monitors for break-ins, smoke, fire and carbon monoxide.
  • Since the pendant has a speaker and microphone, it might be a bit larger than pendants from other companies that do not have that technology. While the ability to talk and hear through the pendant might be relatively new, MediPendant is not a new company. It is part of Medical Alarm Concepts, which has been in business for more than 30 years. It claims its patents are among the "oldest and strongest in the business."

Reviewed by Mark Berman at Medical Alert Comparison